Under a double degree program, KU enters into partnership agreements with overseas universities. Through credit transfer between KU and a partner university, each institution confers a degree on a student who has satisfied the requirements for graduation from both universities. Under a joint degree program, two or more universities in a partnership jointly offer a single education program; when a student completes the program, all of the universities in the partnership jointly confer a single degree on the student. These joint/double degree programs provide students with opportunities for high level studies of great value that would not be available from a single university.

List of Double Degree Programs at Kyoto University

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List of Joint Degree Programs at Kyoto University

・Division of Kyoto University and Heidelberg University Joint Degree Master of Arts Program in Transcultural Studies (Program Website) (2017.10-)

Kyoto-McGill International Collaborative School in Genomic Medicine (2018.4-)