The internationalization of graduate education is at the heart of the Japan Gateway Program. We are inviting members of faculty and staff who have been active in promoting the implementation of Top Global Courses in six different fields to speak on topics including their own research project, what they hope to accomplish through this project, and the globalization of education and research. Also, graduate students share their experiences with the Top Global Courses.

インタビュー用写真(秋津先生)Professor Motoki Akitsu, Graduate School of Agriculture
【Social Sciences and Humanities】

Doman Takata, Graduate School of Science

Dr. Teeranee Techasrivichien, Assistant Professor at Kyoto University School of Public Health
【Public Health】

Takuya Genjo, Graduate School of Engineering
【Chemistry and Chemical Engineering】

Professor Fumihiko Matsuda, Director of the Center for Genomic Medicine
【Human Biosciences】

Takumi Shimizu, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
【Environmental Studies】

Gunde Dauksyte, Graduate School of Letters
【Social Sciences and Humanities】