Laos Laos 3 universities

Japan 10 Programs

Map Showing Reach of IUEP-ASEAN


Champasak University

Kyoto University/ Kansai University

International Program on Resilient Society Development under Changing Climate

National University of Laos

Kyoto University

AUN-KU Student Mobility Program toward Human Security Development

Meiji University

Active Leaders Development Program Forcsing on ASEAN-Japan Literacy

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

TUFS Japan Specialist Program for the Enhancement of Japanese Language and Cultural Outreach in Myanmar, Laos and Canbodia

Niigata University

Co-creative Dormitory-type Group-work for Science and Technological Students in Japan and Mekong Countries with Regional Collaboration

Nagoya University

Fostering Human Resources for Global Soft-Infrastructure connecting between ASEAN and Japan

Hiroshima University/ Hiroshima University of Economics

Project of Effective Action with CLMV's Educaton (PEACE) to promote the Capacity of Research and Social Planning for Peaceful, Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Keio University

Human Resource Development Program through LL.M. for Asian Global Legal Professions (PAGLEP) in Collaboration with Universities in Mekong Countries

Meiji University

Creation of Innovative Education System for Sustainable Society and Urban Growth

National Institute of Fine Arts

Tokyo University of the Arts

Multifaceted promotions led by art and culture exchanges with the ASEAN members: Building "soft" infrastructure and a quality assurance system through social practices